Reclaim Health – the book

cover 15Reclaim health book

Our new book has just been published. You can buy a paperback copy at cost price on Amazon, or you can download the whole file as a PDF by clicking on the blue link above.  It’s a large file so may take a while to download.


This book is for you if:

  • You have been struggling with symptoms that modern Western medicine seems unable to explain
  • You would like to understand the science behind those symptoms
  • You would like to explore the seeming paradox that a healthy body can produce real and debilitating conditions
  • You would like to understand some simple strategies you can use to regain health

What an achievement and a gem of a book for those stuck with illness! I wish it was there when I was stuck in the aftermath of cancer treatment. I did so much research and reading that was exhausting and most led to nothing constructive really. Your book covers it all, guidance and encouragement to use mind and body (and spirit but done cleverly subtly!) to take back control to improve health. I jave put a glowing review on Amazon of course!.  A truly life changing book. I have bought a copy for a dear friend on burn out with multiple ailments that she chooses to ignore and keeps pushing herself to do more and ignores her health issues. This little book of wonder will hopefully help her see, she has to participate in her own recovery!