Sandy’s Story

I raced pushbikes for many years, then in 1995 I became chronically tired. I tried to find out why for 14   years, but got nowhere fast.

In 2002 I sold my business and home in south England and moved to Stranraer in Scotland.      This was the only way I could afford to take early retirement, which I thought would help with my illness.

At this time I was very tired, angry and frustrated as I have always been an active individual, and didn’t have the energy to do what I wanted to do.

In 2009 my sister Mavis saw an article on M.E., and how neuro linguistic programming courses had been helping people suffering like myself. I took the contact number and had a talk with Janice Benning. After talking to Janice, I decided to book myself on one of her courses in London.

After the first session with Janice I went to the gym with my son Andrew, and started to train again. While on the course I went to the gym for the next two nights and was already feeling happier about training again.

After returning to Scotland after the course, I started to venture out on my bike, only short rides to begin with but it was more cycling than I had done in fourteen years.

How has the course helped me? A year later after riding my bike for the first time in years, I have covered over 5000 miles and recently entered and completed a 69 mile sportive cycling event. This event had a monster hill called ‘The Killer Mile’, on completion of the event and being able to cycle all the way up the hill, I received a medal.

Nowadays I feel happier, more energetic and am able to carry out a normal active lifestyle. My family have also commented on how much happier I am and how great it is to have the old Sandy back again.

(Several years later and Sandy is still cycling! In 2014 he had covered 27,000 miles! What a way to retire!)